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Richard Baldwin Stats

  • Bodybuilding Titles
    • Mr. Southern States 1971
    • Mr. Texas 1972
    • 1973 Mr. All South
    • 1974 Mr. Florida Coast
    • 1975 colleagiate Mr. USA
    • 1975 Mr. Southeast USA
    • 1975 Mr. Region IV
    • 1975 Mr. Sunshine State
    • 1976 Greater Mr. Florida
    • 1977 Mr. Northern Hemisphere
    • Mr. Florida 1978
    • 1978 Greater Mr. Florida
    • 1979 NPC Bodybuilding Champion (MW)
    • 1979 1st Runner-up IFBB Mr. Universe
    • 1980 NPC Bodybuilding Champion (MW)
    • 1980 1st Runner-up IFBB Mr. Universe
  • Baldwin earned a . from Florida State University and currently teaches history, religion, and philosophy at Gulf Coast Community College
  • Check out the Legendary Fitness web site, helmed by Richard Baldwin and Diane Fields

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hi steve,
I was wondering if your workout routine can be applied into Eric Broser's "power, rep range and shock" training system? Eric had a very intriguing article about his P/RR/S system, but he did not go into detail about the days and what workouts to use. I am 19 years old and have been working out for about 6 years now. Last year was not such a good year for me. I tore my pectoral muscle while benching, which put my right arm in a sling for almost 6 months. Than a month after I got my sling off I got into a serious car accident which put me in bed rest for about 3 weeks. I was wearing a seat belt and the force of the accident placed a gap in my right chest. After all that, I lost all my muscle and size that I had worked so hard for through out middle/high school to get. The past year has been a mission for me to regain it back. I have bounced around different workout routines and nothing really seemed to work.
I am trying to focus more on arms and shoulders since my chest is still recovering. Any thoughts on what I should do?

18 year old bodybuilder steroids

18 year old bodybuilder steroids


18 year old bodybuilder steroids18 year old bodybuilder steroids18 year old bodybuilder steroids18 year old bodybuilder steroids18 year old bodybuilder steroids