27g needle for steroids

Biceps Tendon Sheath Injection - Lateral View

  • Mark the injection site with the pen tip in order to leave an impression in the skin — Point of maximal tenderness in bicipital groove.
  • Clean the skin thoroughly with as many alcohol swabs as needed (usually only one is needed).
  • Patient position: Lying supine with arm supinated
  • With the 25G needle/syringe, enter the skin going cephalad at a 20-30-degree angle .  If you enter tough, gritty tissue (biceps tendon), pull back a mm or two and redirect at a more shallow angle to get under the tendon sheath (of the long head of the biceps).
  • Aspirate to make sure you’re not in any vessel.
  • After negative aspiration, inject the full contents of the syringe.  Redirect or withdraw the needle slightly if it isn’t flowing easily (DO NOT INJECT UNDER PRESSURE — YOU’RE LIKELY IN THE ACTUAL BICEPS TENDON)
  • Withdraw the needle and apply band-aid.
  • Tips

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    If you are in any doubt about the appropriate use of any needle, or which needles can be used as an alternative, you can find out all you need to know on

    There is an article on the anatomy of a syringe on the needles and syringes at the bottom of the needles and syringes product listing page.

    All the needles on the poster are available on our website, and, in the 'product briefing' section of all the needles on our site, there is extensive guidance on the uses, risks and alternatives:

    • nevershare (30 gauge needle)
    • yellow (30 gauge needle)
    • grey (27 gauge needle)
    • orange (25 gauge needle)
    • brown (26 gauge needle)
    • blue (23 gauge needle)
    • black (22 gauge needle)
    • green (21 gauge needle) .

    NB where we stock more than one length of needle, the link above is to the shortest length available in that gauge.

    27g needle for steroids

    27g needle for steroids


    27g needle for steroids27g needle for steroids27g needle for steroids