Corticosteroid thyroid function

Some physicians may prescribe corticosteroids to treat hyperthyroidism. These drugs can sometimes inhibit the way the body converts thyroxine into an active substance, which reduces the number of thyroid hormones in the body. This alone does not typically resolve hyperthyroidism, but it can help to control symptoms while more long-term treatments are started. It can also reduce the inflammation caused by hyperthyroidism, reducing goiter size in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and eye bulging in patients with Graves’ disease. Because corticosteroids have other side effects on the body and do not singularly impact the thyroid, they are typically only used for a short period.

Follow-up is recommended every 4 to 6 weeks, with dose adjustment until euthyroidism is achieved. Maintenance usually requires a lower dose (5-10 mg of methimazole of 100-200 mg of PTU). Antithyroid drugs are used for 12 to 18 months and then discontinued. Relapse typically occurs in the first 3 to 6 months, but it can be as late as 40 years. The risk of relapse is very high with pregnancy. When antithyroid drugs are used in preparation for RAI treatment, they must be stopped 5 to 10 days before RAI, and the dose of RAI needs to be increased because of the radioprotective effect of antithyroid drugs.

I was recently dx with Cushings disease and will be having surgery on my pituitary gland in a couple of weeks to remove any possible tumor(s). I have had a number of health issues in the past few years including thyroid cancer (total thyroidectomy and RAI treatment 2012/2013), hysterectomy for chronic anemia (2014) and my gallbladder removed due to it being "packed" with stones (2014). I've dealt with fatigue and being overweight for years no matter how active I was or how much I excercised. I wonder if the cushings has been the underlying problem or is just another issue in the long line of health problems possibly caused by something else. This all overwhelming.

Corticosteroid thyroid function

corticosteroid thyroid function


corticosteroid thyroid functioncorticosteroid thyroid functioncorticosteroid thyroid functioncorticosteroid thyroid functioncorticosteroid thyroid function