Current hall of famers who used steroids

In 2001, the Veterans Committee was reformed to comprise the living Hall of Fame members and other honorees. [28] The revamped Committee held three election, in 2003 and 2007 , for both players and non-players, and in 2005 for players only. No individual was elected in that time, sparking criticism among some observers who expressed doubt whether the new Veterans Committee would ever elect a player. The Committee members, most of whom were Hall members, were accused of being reluctant to elect new candidates in the hope of heightening the value of their own selection. After no one was selected for the third consecutive election in 2007, Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt noted, "The same thing happens every year. The current members want to preserve the prestige as much as possible, and are unwilling to open the doors." [17] In 2007, the committee and its selection processes were again reorganized; the main committee then included all living members of the Hall, and voted on a reduced number of candidates from among players whose careers began in 1943 or later. Separate committees, including sportswriters and broadcasters, would select umpires, managers and executives, as well as players from earlier eras.

BTW – it is an incorrect assumption to assume that players 30 years ago wouldn’t make it in today’s game. However, it isn’t when you are talking about players in the pre-1970s. The mid 1970s is where we see the emergence of the modern NFL.
1) Much larger pool of players playing now
2) Players are truly professional (don’t need to hold down other jobs) and there is plenty of fame and money to attract the top athletes.
3) PEDs didn’t hit the scene until the 70s so any clean player in today’s game is fighting an uphill battle.
4) Integration makes a huge difference. If you remove something like %80 of today’s African american players you would get the breakdown of the early 1960s.

Rivers joined  Peyton Manning and Drew Brees as only the third QB to have 10+ straight 3,500 yard seaons. That's pretty impressive. He is top 10 in every major statistical catagory, passing yards, completion percentage, and TDs. Now many people will say, "well so are his rivals, Eli and Big Ben." However, Rivers has kept pace or exceeded both of them in some areas, DESPITE not playing his first two years in the league. So realistically, on paper it appears as though he has the "same" numbers as Eli and Big Ben, but people forget he backed up Drew Brees for two years and wasn't accumulating stats. Rivers has out paced his contemporaries, even though he had two less years to on the field. 

Current hall of famers who used steroids

current hall of famers who used steroids


current hall of famers who used steroidscurrent hall of famers who used steroidscurrent hall of famers who used steroidscurrent hall of famers who used steroidscurrent hall of famers who used steroids