Different types of steroids used in sports

MORE info for the LiFePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery… please!
They should not be grouped with the other li-ion chemistries in the “safety” table.
Anyways, they (and I guess, all li-ion types) need to be charged constant current until reaching charged voltage, then constant voltage just for maintaining. I hear that CC/CV is how the li-ion smart chargers do it.
What I want to know, is if it is alright to simply put a low drop out voltage regulator on a 6v SOLAR panel, set to the or (not as with li-ion), would it be Ok? I visualize such that “it can’t get filled up past that point no matter how large the charging source is, as long as the input voltage remains below the recommended charge cut off”. I tried to search this many times but nobody’s doing it.
Bty, they do not have thermal issues and have about 4x the charge discharge cycles (about 2,000 complete) wheras li-ion is prone to thermal issues (catch fire) and only last a few hundred cycles.
For this reason, the LiFePO4 battery should be on the top of everybody’s list and that we all should DEMAND robotic factories that mass produce them cheap enough to be used in solar and electric car applications. The ONLY trade off (other than current high costs) is that it is not quite as energy dense as li-ion. There are enough raw materials in this planet’s crust to safely mine and base an entire global infrastructure on it, too!

Good evening guys.. i wanna ask something, it’s about model based testing, it’s still blur for me.. what is model based testing.. ok we start with software testing, there is two type of testing which are functional n nonfunctional, functional is black box, white box n grey box.. what about model based testing, where can we categorized it??? if we numbered it, it look like
Software testing
Software testing types
Black box
Non Functional

it seems too often eros is the beginning of “love” in relationships. and the power of the sexual desire gets in the way of ever moving into the phileo or agape. If a relationship begins at the Storge level and grows into the other senses of love there will be a much stronger basis. Often needy people look for love in a sexual manner first, and the results are usually never long lasting nor healthy as emotional basis will never last. But deliberate intentional acts to serve the other person do last and from those acts one feels fulfilled.

Different types of steroids used in sports

different types of steroids used in sports


different types of steroids used in sportsdifferent types of steroids used in sportsdifferent types of steroids used in sportsdifferent types of steroids used in sportsdifferent types of steroids used in sports