Estrogenic side effects of steroids

For instance, I had one patient that was a medical doctor from China. She now worked as a nurse in the USA. She had cysts in the breast and fibroids. As soon as she received Natural Progesterone she used it immediately. Cysts in the breast and fibroids both became worse. She called me. I counseled her to stop all xenoestrogens and wait a month. She religiously followed the avoidance list that came with our product and began to apply Progestelle ® the next month. The next month, the cysts in the breast began to improve along with her fibroids.

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See Robert Lawrence, MD from John Hopkins Medical School on PBS FRONTLINE April 2009 explain about Endocrine Disrupters or Xenoestrogens and how it is a threat to your health.

Four case reports suggest that fennel tea given to infants for prolonged periods of time resulted in premature thelarche (breast development) in girls. All 4 subjects had serum estradiol levels 15 to 20 times higher than normal values for their ages. After stopping the ingestion, the premature thelarche resolved within 3 to 6 months. 41 A survey of fennel samples in Italy found viable aerobic bacteria, including coliforms, fecal streptococci, and Salmonella species, suggesting the plant may serve as a vector of infectious GI diseases. 42

Estrogenic side effects of steroids

estrogenic side effects of steroids


estrogenic side effects of steroidsestrogenic side effects of steroidsestrogenic side effects of steroidsestrogenic side effects of steroidsestrogenic side effects of steroids