Harmful effects of steroids

An indirect harmful effect caused by insects is the use of pesticides and other chemical controls to prevent them from damaging crops and gardens. Many fields are sprayed with pesticides on a regular basis. These pesticides can harm small animals and even people who are regularly exposed to the chemicals in them. Food growers are sometimes criticized for heavy use of pesticides as well. Environmental groups monitor use of pesticides and try to influence alternatives to controlling harmful effects insects have on fields and plant growth.

Most other Pine-Sol products -- for example Lemon Fresh Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner -- contain ethoxylated alcohol , but none contains glycolic acid, and none contains a warning to avoid mixing it with bleach. This indicates that -- even though the combination of alcohol and bleach can produce chloroform -- the company probably considers glycolic acid the hazardous material in Original Pine-Sol. If so, the danger it presents is the release of chlorine gas when you mix the product with bleach. The dangers of chlorine inhalation include:

Harmful effects of steroids

harmful effects of steroids


harmful effects of steroidsharmful effects of steroidsharmful effects of steroidsharmful effects of steroidsharmful effects of steroids