Konstantins konstantinovs steroids

Konstantin Konstantinov(KK): I will share this little secret with you. Many who have done deadlifts have encountered the problems of the bar rolling out of their hands when they approach their final capacity. The hands tear up, you get blood on your hands. It’s all very unpleasant. This is due to the knurling of the bar. The Texas bar is a great bar, very nice to do deadlifts with, however, the knurling is brutal. And a fresh bar will tear off your skin just like that. Many experienced this when we were competing in Australia (ed. 2014?) and the first day, hardly any lifter could complete their third lift. The second day, when we got a hold of it, it was alright because it had been done in a bit.

Konstantin Konstantinovs is a 31 year old, 6’4″, 275 lb powerlifter from Latvia. He is one of the top three deadlifters in the world, having deadlifted 947 lbs. First is Andy Bolton, a 39 year old, 6’0″, 380 lb powerlifter from England, who is the only man who has deadlifted over 1,000 lbs (1,009 lbs to be exact). Second is Benedikt Magnussen, a 25 year old, 6’0″, 391 lb powerlifter from Iceland, who actually completed a Hummer deadlift of 1,100 lbs in a strongman competition, but strongman rules allow lifting straps and the Hummer’s tires shorten the lift’s range of motion. Benedikt has done 970 lbs officially and 994 lbs in training, but he now concentrates on strongman, not powerlifting.

Konstantins konstantinovs steroids

konstantins konstantinovs steroids


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