Kortikosteroidne kreme i dojenje

Combined analysis of erythema, pruritus, excoriation, scaling, lichenification and dryness showed a significant score reduction by  % at study end for all patients ( % for adults > 12 years and  % for children ≤ 12 years). Patients reported a significant reduction of pruritus on visual analogue scales as soon as 6 days after starting treatment and a further reduction at study end. Sleep quality improved significantly during the study period. Earlier used topical corticosteroids were omitted by 56 % of all patients ( % in adults > 12 and  % in children ≤ 12 years) at study end and the average weekly application rate decreased from to 3. The tolerance was assessed as very good or good in 92 % of cases by both patients and doctors.

Weaker topical steroids are utilized for thin- skinned and sensitive areas, especially areas under occlusion, such as the armpit, groin, buttock crease, breast folds. Weaker steroids are used on the face, eyelids, diaper area, perianal skin, and intertrigo of the groin or body folds. Moderate steroids are used for atopic dermatitis , nummular eczema , xerotic eczema , lichen sclerosis et atrophicus of the vulva , scabies (after scabiecide) and severe dermatitis . Strong steroids are used for psoriasis , lichen planus , discoid lupus , chapped feet, lichen simplex chronicus , severe poison ivy exposure, alopecia areata , nummular eczema, and severe atopic dermatitis in adults. [1]

Kortikosteroidne kreme i dojenje

kortikosteroidne kreme i dojenje


kortikosteroidne kreme i dojenjekortikosteroidne kreme i dojenjekortikosteroidne kreme i dojenjekortikosteroidne kreme i dojenjekortikosteroidne kreme i dojenje