Nasal steroids

Regarding diagnosis:

  • What is the cause of the deviated septum? Trauma? Birth defect?
  • If trauma-related, did additional injuries occur to the nose or surrounding area requiring additional treatment or correction, such as rhinoplasty?
  • Were other conditions noted or ruled out, including allergic rhinitis, mucosal edema, or irritation from long-term use of decongestant spray; or from cocaine abuse?
Regarding treatment:
  • How long were symptoms present prior to correction? How severe?
  • Have decongestants, antibiotics, or nasal inhaled steroids failed to satisfactorily treat individual?
  • If treated medically, was treatment palliative or curative?
  • Is septal surgery warranted?
  • Will additional treatment (surgical correction) be necessary in the future?
Regarding prognosis:
  • If surgical correction was required, what method was used? Septoplasty? Submucous resection?
  • Was successful correction accomplished? If not, what is being considered as future treatment? Rhinoplasty?
  • Do symptoms persist despite surgical correction?
Source: Medical Disability Advisor

Nasal steroids

nasal steroids


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