Npc bodybuilding steroids

Here are the facts: Olympic athletes are using drugs and passing drug tests with no problem. Lance Armstrong, the most drug tested athlete in history, never failed a drug test and now admits to using performance enhancing drugs. These guys and gals are competing in sports with a whole lot of money and fame on the line, and they're beating the "gold standard" of drug testing procedures. Now contrast that with so-called natural bodybuilding, a sport where literally no money is involved (at the athletes' level). Drug tests are very expensive to do and someone needs to pay for them. In this case, either the federation or the promoter of the competition would have to pay for this. It's doubtful that thorough testing will be conducted or even taken seriously.

Local news reports did not detail the quantity of anabolic steroids seized during the raid. But the plea agreement indicated that the steroid stash was equivalent to kilograms of cannabis (marijuana) under United States sentencing guidelines. Another indicator of the size of Speck’s steroid operation can be gleaned from the fact that Speck will turn over everything he owns to the federal government. The sum total of all his assets amounted to $536,000 in addition to the $17,954 in cash that was seized when the feds raided his home.

Npc bodybuilding steroids

npc bodybuilding steroids


npc bodybuilding steroidsnpc bodybuilding steroidsnpc bodybuilding steroidsnpc bodybuilding steroidsnpc bodybuilding steroids