Oxys steroids price

Your right, as usual the nation will over react if they act at all and then they will try to fix this with more bureaucracy. It’s like we have lost confidence in people’s ability to apply common sense and assess each situation on its own merits. So we set up generalized rules and so forth that everyone just clings to instead of really looking at each request and analyzing it accordingly. My dad, a Korean War vet in his seventies with COPD, was turned down for pain narcotic cough syrup just last week. The man has COPD, a chronic respiratory disease, and his chest is full of phlegm. He could get pneumonia if we don’t get this stuff out of his lungs. He coughs so much he can’t even sleep. Today I will get him the meds he needs if I have to buy them off the streets, and d@mn the consequences!!

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Oxys steroids price

oxys steroids price


oxys steroids priceoxys steroids priceoxys steroids priceoxys steroids priceoxys steroids price