Shrinking testicles steroid use

Good one! The answer is quite simple - it's your body being clever.

Your penis will actually shrink under various conditions - any form of exposure to cold, stress and exercise. It's all to do with your body channeling blood to where it's needed.

When you're cold, your body focuses blood flow to the critical organs. Your "Organ" is NOT critical! Because your penis is "driven" by two spongy shafts, when your body redirects your blood, these shafts are drained, causing your penis to shrink. Under stress your body redirects blood flow to where it's needed for optimal response to the situation, and when you're doing exercise, your body redirects blood-flow to your muscles. Clever, hey!?

A similar thing also happens to your scrotum, to protect your jewels. When it's cold, the skin contracts to draw them closer to your body for heat, and the opposite when it's hot. This ensures the optimal temperature is maintained, to improve sperm production. When you're stressed or in a tense situation, your scrotum will also contract, to draw the jewels closer to your body as a form of protection against possible injury from the "potential" fight that may ensue.

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Shrinking testicles steroid use

shrinking testicles steroid use


shrinking testicles steroid useshrinking testicles steroid useshrinking testicles steroid useshrinking testicles steroid use