Steroid shot for cyst acne

I have been going to a dermatologist since I was about 15 years old. I have attempted just about every exfoliant/cream they have given me. I also have tried medications and birth control which has never improved anything. I am now 20 and still suffer from acne that never seems to calm down. The way I would describe my acne would be in deep masses and they tend to hurt. I was never told this could be cystic acne but I’m starting to believe it is. Could this product help my acne clear up? Also, is there a product that can help me with acne scars? I am in desperate need of a miracle. 5 years of acne and scars really has taken a toll on me in terms of self esteem!

I got my cortisone shot on a Monday, and my bump wasn’t completely gone until Saturday, and it still left some redness. If you don’t see the 48- hour results like you expected, don’t be discouraged! Your derm may have injected a smaller amount of cortisone to avoid the pitted scar from happening, which is actually a good thing. So if you’re like me and were expecting to wake up pimple-free and didn’t, just give it a few more days and I assure you it will work its magic. Don’t pick or try to pop it, because in a matter of a few more days you will be amazed at how much it decreases in size everyday, it is just a slower process for some people. (Still better than a huge pimple that takes months to heal and scars over!)

Steroid shot for cyst acne

steroid shot for cyst acne


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