Steroid shot for sinus infections

Like any medication, steroids come with potential side effects. Corticosteroids are the most common option for sinus infection treatments. They can have mild to severe side effects, so doctors tend to only prescribe them when they are a necessity. If the effects of untreated sinusitis is worse than potential side effects of steroids, your doctor may prescribe them. The side effects of steroids also tend to go away fairly soon after you receive your dose. If you are taking oral steroids, make sure to never skip your dose without talking to your doctor.

If you've got a cough (wet or dry) that has lasted eight weeks or longer, you could be suffering from chronic postnasal drip—mucus that accumulates in the sinuses and drips down the back of the throat, creating a tickling sensation that triggers a cough. There's no test for postnasal drip, says Dr. Frank, but you may also have a runny nose or congestion (from allergies or lingering cold symptoms, for example). Other signs include frequent throat clearing and a sore throat. Because it's so common, doctors will often try treating it even if they're not sure of a diagnosis, says Dr. Frank.

Google how gluten intolerance can cause post nasal drip. I also thought my allergies were coming back (got shots for 10 yrs, every week about 12 yrs ago). For the past year or so my post nasal drip has gotten worse (daily, monthly, any season). Allergy meds, flonase, etc do nothing. Now I find there’s a connection to gluten. I also have other gluten intolerance symptoms that I have always attributed to IBS. I get allergy tested next week just to make sure. The day after the test, I will be going gluten free. I have noticed that my post nasal drip is horrible after I eat processed foods (breads, pizza, etc).

Steroid shot for sinus infections

steroid shot for sinus infections


steroid shot for sinus infectionssteroid shot for sinus infectionssteroid shot for sinus infectionssteroid shot for sinus infectionssteroid shot for sinus infections