Steroid use hall of fame

Taken seriously, this would suggest that Morgan thinks Mays, Mantle, Aaron and various other players, including Babe Ruth, don’t belong in the Hall of Fame. Does he actually think that? Almost certainly not—he’s fixated on a particular class of players using a particular grade of performance-enhancers. His teammate Pete Rose was a drug user , for instance, but Morgan supports his candidacy for the Hall. Whatever. Moving on, Morgan claims that allowing steroid users into the Hall would prevent current Hall of Famers from attending events at Cooperstown:

If that happens, it would be huge blow to baseball and to the Hall of Fame. I, and many others, consider it to be the best part of the day, on arguably one of the four greatest days for baseball every year, along with Opening Day, the All-Star Game and the start of the World Series. But I’ve also heard from some people in the know who say that many of the ‘Famers would likely cave on that threat, and perhaps do the equivalent of “taking a knee,” whether it be wearing a black armband or some sort of stickpin to symbolize their protest and solidarity.

Steroid use hall of fame

steroid use hall of fame


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