Steroid use meme

Steroids are also used by criminals as aggression-enhancing drugs. In Oslo, Norway, enforcers known as “torpedoes” take combinations of steroids and amphetamines to produce the psychopathic state that enables them to kill and maim their victims. (10) Danish motorcycle hoodlums put methyl testosterone capsules under their tongues before gang fights to work themselves into a rage. (11) Such vignettes from the steroid underground suggest how little we know about the overall social effects of the black market that serves an international market of action-oriented males that includes a growing number of recreational athletes of all ages.

“How About No” was defined on Urban Dictionary [20] in 2005. In April 2008, an image macro with the phrase appearing as a caption on a photo of Dr. Evil was added to Threadbombing. [21] Three years later, it was also added to reaction photo repository My Face When. [22] In November 2011, the Facebook fan page “How About NO?” [23] was created, gaining more than 1,500 likes as of June 2013. At least two images titled “How About No” have appeared on the front page of Reddit including a photo of a dog submitted to /r/Funny [24] in May 2012 and a sloth GIF (shown below) submitted to /r/sloths in March 2013. Also that March, The Chive [26] posted a compilation of 25 photos that evoked the sentiment of the phrase. “How About No” is also a popular hashtag on Tumblr [27] , Twitter [28] and Instagram [29] , where more than 19,000 photos have been tagged #howaboutno.

Steroid use meme

steroid use meme


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