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A screen capture from Dwayne Johnson’s movie “Central Intelligence” was used to push a false article that he was arrested in Australia for importing HGH. [Image via Warner Bros. Pictures] Where it gets peculiar is the fact the links in the Rolling Stone and ESPN articles do not work unless they are links to Alpha. Even the Facebook commenting widget located at the bottom of the article does not work. Second, the latter half of the article seems to be nothing more than a huge promotion for the “enhanced” version of Alpha, Alpha Fuel XT. Third, the featured image in said articles are a screen capture of one of Dwayne Johnson’s movies, Central Intelligence . And for those who are surely internet savvy, the Rolling Stones and ESPN articles don’t even link to Rolling Stones or ESPN.

He was simply saying that he went out and committed to three straight years of WWE material all while juggling another full time profession in movies. He wrestled, he cut promos, he played the douchebag Rock character that MOST people loved and still loved till this day. He still pops in from time to time . Things he didnt do for 7 years. 7 years. Despite what Uproxx thinks. Its what fans had been wanting him to do. The general consensus was that Rock just needed to come back and do one more match and one more promo, but he went out and exceeded just that.

The rock on steroids pics

the rock on steroids pics


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