Zyzz progress before steroids

I personally welcome the current trend where the IFBB steroid contests are becoming less popular and the men’s physique contests featuring much smaller and healthier physiques are becoming more popular.  Of course, the men’s physique is history repeating itself.  Just as the Weider empire swept steroid use under the carpet in the 70’s, the men’s physique is doing the same today.  Although some of the physiques are achievable naturally by some given years of lifting and clean eating, to win the contests seems to require that you take small amounts of steroids so you can pretend to be natural.  In many ways this is even worse.  Back in the 70’s me and my peers were complete idiots to think that we could achieve Arnold’s physique naturally.  Today because its so subtle and within the realm of believability I think it does even more to accelerate the  teen insecurity trend .

A warning though, what we care about is only the thickness of the layer of fat covering the body – not the actual body fat percentage so don’t waste any time using their tables to convert your measurements into a body fat number.  You can click here to buy an  accurate spring force caliper  from amazon, or you can get the  entire kit  that has a little booklet on how to measure body fat too.  I wouldn’t buy the cheaper variety as the results are not accurate.  If you are really serious about knowing minute variations in your body fat then you need a  professional skin fold caliper  but at $200 you need to be really serious to an instrument like this. You can see how to use your skinfold calipers to  calculate your bodyfat percentage .

Zyzz progress before steroids

zyzz progress before steroids


zyzz progress before steroidszyzz progress before steroidszyzz progress before steroidszyzz progress before steroidszyzz progress before steroids